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Save R 255
Zartek TX-8 TWIN PACK two-way radios UHF handheld
Save R 24
ZA-710 ZA-708 ZA-705 Vehicle adaptor
Save R 75
Zartek ZA-705 Spare Li-ion Battery Pack - 7.4V 1200mAH
Save R 200
Zartek ZA-711 PMR VHF handheld transceiver with drop- in
Save R 370
Zartek ZA-730 2-Way Radio
Save R 175
Zartek ZA-708 Magnetic Mount Car Kit
Save R 204
Zartek ZA-720 two way radio
Save R 220
Zartek PT8 Two-Way Radio’s Twin Pack set
Save R 89
Zartek ZA-725 / 711 Spare Li-ion Battery Pack - 7.4V 100mAH
Save R 49
ZA-200 - Vehicle Charging adaptor
Save R 40
Magnetic mount base with 3m cable
Save R 120
ZA-725 / 711 Spare Li- ion battery pack 7.4V 1100mAH
Save R 24
ZA-710 ZA-708 ZA-705 Mains Adaptor
Save R 35
TX-8 spare mains adaptor with double USB outputs
Save R 24
Zartek LM-505 - Pro/COM8 Vehicle Adaptor
Save R 24
Zartek - Pro/COM8 mains adaptor 6v
Save R 12
zartek mains adaptor 4.2v large pin ZA475 ZA477
Save R 135
Zartek PMR UHF handheld transceiver with direct plug-in
Save R 30
Zartek ZA-725 / 711 mains adaptor 12v DC
Save R 19
Zartek ZA-725 / 711 vehicle adaptor 12vDC
Save R 42
Battery pack 4 x super 2100mAH NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride)

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